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Shabbat Table Rituals: A Practical and Spiritual Guide

This is a six week course offered through Hebrew College’s Open Circle Learning and hosted in a private residence.

Through text study of the Shabbat home blessings, with an emphasis on the Friday night kiddush and Saturday morning kiddush, we will deepen our understanding of what we are already doing at home on Friday evening and/or Saturday. We will learn texts from Talmud, Midrash and Zohar and ask how is Shabbat foundational to the Jewish concept of time? What do the blessings ask of us? What do all the words that we say actually mean? How do we comprehend the words, “Who makes us holy with His/Her mitzvot?” What do the rituals have to do with our lives? Do they offer insight into our own spiritual connections and callings? 

Whether you just started celebrating Shabbat, hope to begin, or have been at it for a long time, this study will be useful in gaining practical skills and knowledge that will make Shabbat a more vital and enriching experience. Using music, reflection and meditation, we will share personal insights and questions.

This is a six week course. No Hebrew skills required but certainly useful.