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Let's Learn Together!

Rabbi Lev sees the rabbinate as a path to help empower spiritual seekers to be agents of their own personal transformations through encounters with divinity, sacred text, liturgy and music.

The Zohar teaches that when Jews engage in text study, they draw a thread of light upon themselves emanating from the hidden light of Creation. (Zohar 2:148b). Lev understands Talmud-Torah to be a vast treasure house of textual medicinal remedies for the person in search of uplifting, for the soul in search of its own light, for a life in search of the Source for its own unfolding. The mystical and spiritual approaches of Hasidism and Neo-Hasidism use classical texts and commentaries to illuminate and mine richer meanings for the seeker. A word or a verse may be just the right medicine.

Using music, meditation and text study, he recently led a conversation on the subject of Shabbat and the hidden Light of Creation with a class of 40+ adults. What a delight that was for all involved. Let's learn together!

Please contact Lev about starting a Torah study group or coming to teach an already existing group.