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Keynote Guest, Federation of Jewish Men's Club Retreat, Palmer, MA

I’m honored to be invited to this retreat and am looking forward to it already. I’ll be offering a few teachings, (described below and subject to change), helping with some parts of Shabbat services, having informal discussions with the men and leading a sing-along.

א.  - “Discovering the Secrets of Shabbat: Shabbat Candles, Hidden Light" –Experience the hidden light within you with the Netivot Shalom. Through text study in hevruta, using music, reflection, and open discussion we will explore how the mystical teachings of this hasidic rebbe can deepen and transform our Shabbat experience. Shabbat is central to sustaining the world. What is our role in this process? We will immerse ourselves in the words of the Netivot Shalom, the Slonimer rebbe, and the ancient texts he employs to see how they might guide us into a more meaningful Shabbat practice.

ב.  Talmudic Stories - Locating Ourselves in Jewish Narrative Art - one third of the Talmud is made up of aggadah (stories, allegory and non-halachic material). We will look at one or two very colorful and powerful stories that will open our imaginations to the levels of metaphor and myth. The complexity, depth, imagery and ideals of Talmudic stories will be revealed. We will flesh out specific values that the stories teach and attempt to see where we locate ourselves within the narrative in order to make the story(ies) our own.

ג. Torah study through a Hasidic Lens - We will study key points in the weekly Torah reading through the lens of certain Hasidic masters.