Thank you for making my Mom's service so special. You were wonderful and I appreciate you doing this for us. I thought  it was a lovely service. You are an amazing Rabbi. C., North Carolina

Lev is the real deal. His music, his teachings, his spirited leadership are inspiring to me. He brought me back to Judaism in a very deep and meaningful way, I can only imagine that Lev's work has deepened as he has become a Rabbi. I have rarely experienced this kind of full connection with other leaders. B, Cambridge, MA

Under the chuppa, Lev attuned us to the energy shifting and the felt sense of a profound deepening of spirit. He used the language “entering warp 1  and then progressed to warp 2” as we all laughed together owning the feeling of holiness entering our bodies. I am thankful to this day, remembering these sacred moments still held in my body, mind and spirit. T, Winchester, MA

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have been at B'nai Or Shabbat and High Holiday services led by Lev. I appreciate the guitar, the singing, and the sharing about important and relevant issues in our lives. I also  like the "down to earth" and very real way he always connects with all of us. Unlike what Reb Zalman, of blessed memory, used to say about some congregations where "people sit down, buckle up their seat belts and pray it will be over quickly," that is never the case with Lev. He always encourages us to participate and be part of the community. S, Newton, MA